The weekend was just a day away. I felt so relaxed. Finally two days of rest. I had decided I would do nothing at all this time. All I wanted to do was lying on bed for hours. Supreme bliss, I must tell you. On weekdays I die to be at home (this place has now become my temporary home even though home means ‘family’) as soon as possible but today I stopped by at my favourite spot, the bakery on my way to home. By now all of you must have known my love for food and so I was again standing there trying to figure which pastry would be yummier and which chocolate would last the longest. I am crazy over chocolate flavour. So I went for some more dark chocolate pastries, lots of chocolates and muffins to keep in store. I bought some other random stuff and yes I did get some blueberry pastries packed for my friend. She loves them.
I reached home at around eight. Thanks to the age old traffic in India, one can never reach on time. I saw her smiling to herself. And then the thought struck me, even she was getting ready for her weekend. Her boyfriend was coming to meet her this weekend. Shit! How could I forget that? Now there would be no one to help me out with food and company. But then she was meeting him after a month. She must be excited. Maintaining a long distance relation isn’t that easy and she had been devoting all her time and energy to it since the past four years.
She caught me looking at her.
“Hi! What made you so late? I was getting worried about you?” she asked.
I showed her the packets I was carrying.
“O you went to your favourite bakery. Well then it’s okay. I think you are quite early”, she said laughing at me.
“C’mon now stop making fun of me. I love them you know that and by the way I bought some blueberry pastries for you too”, I said handing over the box to her.
“Thank you babes. Love ya! And I am not making fun of you. It’s out of habit that you tend to get stuck at book stores and bakeries.”
“Yes because these are the two things that I love the most just the way you love your Mr. Handsome.”
“O yeah. Anyway I got to show you what all I have prepared for him. See this card I made this for him, it took me two days to complete it and hey help me out match the accessories with this green kurti.”
She went on like this for hours taking suggestions about the dress she would be wearing, the shoes she needs to put on, whether the bangles would look good or not and lots and lots of stuff. She had already asked me all this two days back but she wanted the best. She told me how great he is and how much she loved him. The whole night passed by like this. She talked about him when we were preparing food, when we had dinner and even when we had switched off the light. She didn’t sleep the whole night. I had dozed off by three listening to her love story again.
I just couldn’t help myself from thinking whether love could be so beautiful. I always saw them fighting, quarrelling over stupid things but I guess they did love ach other. They were really inseparable. Love…a four letter word can be so dangerous, sometimes it gives the best of moments and sometimes it gives the most excruciating pain. Amazing, isn’t it?


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