The Rain

I heard the sound of the rain drops. It had begun to rain. The clouds were crying their heart out. I wish even I could do the same. I had again been hurt. He had left me. Does asking for true love seem more to God? Don’t I deserve a man who would sweep me off my feet? Inside my heart was burning. Amazingly there were no tears in my eyes. Why should I cry for a person who didn’t value my love? I guess my life will end like this, without the presence of that someone special.
I still remember the day David had come to my life. He had been my best friend since childhood. The beginning of teenage had separated us with David getting involved with his so called girl friends who didn’t even last for a month. But then this separation had made us realise how much we loved each other. And then there was no looking back. All these years had gone by happily with him but then just like every other relationship we also faced fights which kept on increasing and finally the rust broke the strong bond we had. David left me yesterday evening saying it wasn’t working anymore.
I sleep away my thoughts. Days pass by and my loneliness has finally become my sole comanion. It is something that truly understands me and accepts me just the way I am. So what if I am a little plump and I have an improper walk, I talk while I eat and I drop while I shop but it stays by my side forever. I am happy being alone.
And then one fine day as I was walking past the literature section of our college library I came across a guy, actually bumped into him. Well he had so many books in hand that he couldn’t see where he was going and who he had bumped into.
“Where do you think you’re going, man? And what are you doing in the literature section? You are a Science student”, I shouted at him.
“I am sorry. I dropped my spectacles in the mid way and I can’t see anything without specs. That is why I bumped into you”, he said innocently as if he were a five year old kid.
“Do you think I am stupid enough to get trapped in those stupid tricks of yours? Anyway let me find your specs.” I reply in a frustrated tone.
“I am not flirting with you okay”, a heavy masculine voice replied from the person who I had thought to be a kid.
“Fine, here take your specs and all the best with your Physics Project. Bye”
“Thanks. Bye”
And we departed.
Somehow we met each other daily. The second day we just smiled at each other. The third we even waved. The fourth day we asked about each other’s well being. The fifth day we chatted for five minutes. The next week we talked so much that the librarian threw us out of the library. A fortnight later I was sitting at the Cafe Coffee Day with him. It became a routine now.
I gifted him contact lenses and he looks super cool in them. Few girls tried to flirt with him and it made me jealous. He gifted me a handmade scrapbook of all the times we had spent together. I don’t know when he had done all this. It must have taken so much time, collecting every captured moment and giving caption to each of them. And till now I thought I was the one who could think creative and write good. I was happy to have such a great friend.
It was just another evening at the Cafe. The monsoons had come and today also the Gods had favoured our place. I couldn’t stop myself. The sweet smell of the wet mud and sound of rain drops makes me go crazy. I ran out and started taking in the coolness of water. When the drops fall on my body I feel on top of the world. I love to splash and dance in the pool of water. I called him but he kept smiling seeing me jumping around in the water.
And then I saw him coming towards me just the way I had thought my Prince would come. He knelt down and said, “I want to see you smiling and dancing around just the way you do now. All my life I want to keep coming with you here in this cafe everyday with you. All my life I want to keep bumping into you. I just want to spend my life with you. I may not be the perfect person for you but I promise that I will make your life perfect. I love you. Will you marry me?”
Before I could say anything I felt as if David was near. I could feel him. Yes he was standing right in front of me. I was seeing him after so many months. He came up to me and said,”Hey Alice I am so sorry for all the pain I gave to you. In these eight months I have come to know that I can love nobody but you. Please forgive me. Accept me. I’ll love you forever as you are. I have achieved a lot and all this has been just because of you. Will you marry me?”
 Remarkable are the ways of God. Sometimes there is no one to love and then boom here come two boys in my life. I moved my neck from right to left; I could see the expression on their faces.
“David, you are and you will always be my best buddy but that is all you can ever be”, saying so I ran into the arms of my Man. The person who had made me learn to live, the person who made me smile, he who had brought colours to my life, he who had taught me the art of living, someone who had made me love my life. I hugged him tightly and we kissed in the rain.
I whispered to him, “Yes I’ll marry you.”
And my life finally had a happy ending.

It’s amazing how love knocks our door. It left me last monsoon but it came back to me in a new and fresh way.


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