For every girl

Guest post by Kiran Sharma
This post comes from a reader and a very good friend of mine. She has tried her hand on writing for the first. Till now diary entry had been her only experience with pen but there were some thoughts and advice she wanted to share with you all.

Over to you Kiran 🙂

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For every girl…………….
You all r real princesses so, remember to be taken by a real prince and never get stuck up with a miser.
Always remember,  there is  one made for u who’ll never make u cry  ……  ll be able to hold ur hands in front of his frnds n ll never let u down…..ll never hurt u, even when its fun with frnds………ll never leave u alone in the crowd sayin he is tired of traveling ……ll support u and b with u when u really need him……ll listen to u with patience  without getting bored ….ll clear ur doubts when u r jealous or insecure…….than making u feel sorry for not trusting him . In the end……. He’ll be the ONE  who’ll correct ur stupidity and mistakes with love and smile …rather than blaming u for everything wrong, ll understand u and ur feelings and ll never avoid things…..that really matter to u.
So gals never get stuck with the one who only wants u to listen to him just because there is no one else around and make u feel neglected and down in front of his frnds by avoiding u or hurting u or by being the part of the fun which really hurts u……………………..because being in love with this kind of person is real infatuation or u have lost ur respect for real love will make u gain your respect rather than deteriorating it.
So be aware of it…..be able to differentiate between love and infatuation……by happy and keep smiling.

About Kiran:

Kiran is a final year student of B.Tech(EC) in G.L.Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, Greater Noida. She loves reading and this is her first attempt at public writing for she prefers writing only in her personal diary.


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