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Excerpt from ‘One In A Million’

We entered the bus. Unfortunately we didn’t get a seat. The bus was jam packed. He stood behind me. And then came a boy who must have been in his twenties and looked like a true road side flirt. He stood just in front of me. As expected he began the ritual of staring at me. I had by now become used to the unruly behaviour of boys at Delhi and I thought I would be able to tackle him as always. I had often applied this technique and it had worked for me. The moment a guy begins to stare you, stare him back. I tried this out with him too but he didn’t stop his misdeeds. But by this time my Prince Charming had already realised about what was going on and like a true gentleman he left his place and stood right in front of me. His acts always made me blush and this moment was no exception. I loved the fact that he was protective about me.”

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