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When friendship turned into love

You, yes you!! You were my best friend. You were always there for me. You loved me unconditionally. You were there to make me laugh when I fought with my boy friend. You made me realize that I was slowly losing on my self respect in this relationship. You were the one who protected me from all evil. You were the one who compelled me to eat coz you didn’t like my skipping meals all day. You were the one who fought with the whole world for me. You were the one who gave a new meaning to word ‘friendship’. You protected me, kept me safe, made me feel that even if there was no one, you’d still be hanging around with me.

But then a day came when we fell for each other. You knew I loved you but I was already in a relationship. It was tough for me too but you left me thinking you were ruining my life. You got involved with a girl for getting over me, to make me hate you. You did everything to stay away from me. But didn’t you ever think that I’d be all alone without you?  Didn’t you ever think that I’d be incomplete without you? Didn’t you know that I’d become lifeless? Why? Why did you do this to me? You sacrificed your love and if you think that by doing all this you’d become one great lover or I’d stop loving you then you are wrong.
I’d still be loving you, not coz I am weak, not coz I am insane. Just coz you can’t stop loving someone who meant everything to you. Days, weeks, months, years may pass by without talking to you but they can’t pass by without loving you.

By a girl who found true love in her best friend but could never be his girl forever.


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