~Diary of an Urban Girl~

 Entry # 2
Yet another week passes by and I have no clue where my life is heading too. I guess I am more of used to this boring monotonous life. I stare at the monitor, type out some code and submit it to my TL. If there are some amendments required, I re-work on them or proceed for some more coding.
That’s how life has been. Today, I just feel like working. I guess the last day of the week is always meant to be like this, the whole week’s hard work takes a toll on you and all you can wish for is a holiday just to sleep. Normally, Saturdays are meant for party and Sundays are booked for sleeping and completing the laundry. If there’s time left I also try covering up the grocery list. There was a time when I knew nothing about household shopping but today, I shop like any other housewife. Like all the other women of this nation, I do not pick up a product until and unless it offers good quantity at a good price. I don’t forget to see if it’s fat free but like every other youngster, I make sure I always have instant noodles in stock. Sometimes I even try to apply my culinary skills but mostly, it’s the tiffin service that saves me from staying hungry.
I am among those people who work late in office. Vishal asks me if I need a lift. I politely refuse, I know he has been hitting on me for long. But no, I am not interested in him, or anyone for the record. This heart is not for sale, baby. While coming back, I have ear phones plugged in my ears and I do not want my mind to go on a ride. I want to shut my imagination and thoughts. No, they shouldn’t drift away. No! Please! No! Volume Highest! Okay, situation under control. Yes, I am fine and I’m not going to think about anything or any ‘one’ in particular.
Why did I not get in a women’s compartment today? This coupe smells of men’s odour. Ugh! I can’t tell you how tacky the situation becomes. Nisha hasn’t called till now, I hope she doesn’t. The moment I think about her, I can feel my phone vibrating. It’s Nisha, this girl has a long life. Nisha calls to check in if I am coming tonight or not. As usual, my reply is a flat no. She knew this coming but unlike the other times, she doesn’t coax me today. She asks me to have dinner on time and hangs up. There’s something terribly wrong I believe. I call her back to know if she’s fine or not. In a matter of five seconds I can sense that she’s in one of her gloomy drunken state. I know there’s no point talking to her at this time.
I have an urge to smoke and I just can’t wait to get out of metro today. I almost run out of the exit to get cigs for myself. I can feel my stomach aching and then I realize that I have been hungry since morning today. Sometimes it’s good to treat yourself and so I head to one the best non veg serving food joints. I do not want to be the center of attraction by eating alone on a day when everyone is expected to be in a group enjoying the hell out. That is why I ask them to pack the stuff for me.
In a span of twenty minutes, I can be seen devouring roasted chicken like a giant. Yes, I am hungry and I can eat the way I want in my home. Home? Is it actually my home? No, it’s a temporary refuge. After I am done with my dinner, I go upstairs for a smoke. I know I shouldn’t be smoking but I am doing it. I can’t help it. I burn myself for sometime until it’s time to call off the day’s quota. I log into Facebook and all I see is a few updates on the weekend bash, some friend getting married or some other getting a hike in their salary. Do I have anything to update? No, what exciting could my boring life have? I log out and have full plans to sleep till my phone rings again.
Nobody calls me at this hour of the day. It’s Raghav calling. Oh! I forgot to tell you about him. I met him online for some freelance work and since then he has been a sweet bro cum friend to me. He is one person who doesn’t judge me and brings a smile on my face even if for a few hours. We always try to meet up once in a month.
“Hey gal!! Waassup!!” he asks.
“Nothing, like always. You tell, how was the week and the how’s the weekend going?”
“Wonderful, thanks to my girl friend. Anyway, I called up to let you know that we are meeting up tomorrow. I’ve booked a show at PVR Rivoli. Meet me at 3 p.m at Rajiv Chowk. First, you will treat me to a sumptuous lunch and then a movie from my side. I am not taking no for an answer,” he said everything in one go.
“Okay, okay!! I’ll be there and please help me out with a little shopping too,” I said, laughing at the same time.
“Haha!! Sure, see you tomorrow. Now go to sleep, you must be tired. Good night, take care.”
“Right, good night, sweet dreams. Bye!”
I finally had a smile on my face. As I go to bed tonight, I know there are some people who will always be by your side and will always try to make you happy. The happiness might be momentary but very smile of your life is a moment to be cherished. And I am glad I have people like Nisha and Raghav. So what I am alone and I miss a part of me, I am at least blessed with some people that give me a reason to lead life.
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