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A Glimpse into Bad Romance

There are times when you lose everything for your passion, I’ve been doing the same for my next book, ‘Bad Romance’ but a joyous moment came when one of my closest friends wrote this for me. He has been by my side every time I have shared an incident of Bad Romance and this is what he brings for the readers. Get a glimpse into Bad Romance.
~Guest Post by Jyotirmoy Mazumdar~
Bad, the word sounds very beguile… and it is indeed, bait for everything that’s good. Why am I even talking about this? Oh, I remember… he called, enough a reason. He was whispering, he said his girlfriend was in the next room… it’d be harmful for his relation if he were to talk loud. How cute, isn’t it? Moron. My attempts to not give a fuck about giving a fuck towards his girlfriend failed, miserably. My thoughts were his, not literally his, but they were his. It couldn’t be literally his, I mean, thoughts cannot walk, how would they travel to him? What was I even thinking, it kills; I have to admit. The imagination of his future with her, on his bed, with his hands on her body… helps me torture myself, these thoughts. This was the thing about me, well; probably it was the same for every individual in love. We tend to torture ourselves for others, and that’s not all; we push the people who treasure us. Funny, indeed. It’s taking a toll on me, and my behaviour towards him.
‘How are you?’ he asked in his phonic voice, his words… they were pretty charming when he was with me. Wait! He was never with me. Damn! Fuck me! He loved me, and I loved me; that’s just about it, for now. I don’t speak, I am angry on myself for letting him into my life. He was trouble, I knew it, probably from the moment we kissed, under the light drizzle, when my bare feet touched his… it was a moment. I measure life in moments, good moments, bad moments… just moments.
‘Why did you call?’ I asked, with a firm and canny tone. The idea of luring his thoughts to conquer his mind did come to me quite often but then I wasn’t good at it; she was better, probably. Though I could do something she couldn’t. The body rules the mind. When you spread your legs to a man, it shuts the door that leads to his mind and eventually his heart. I did use that, to lure him away from her but then my consciences hit me. Yes, I was still human; I still had consciences.
His answer was usual. He said he missed me, though I doubt that; he wouldn’t be with her if he missed me. His whining about missing me wouldn’t let him be with her, would it? It doesn’t allow me to date other men. But I do sleep around. The body and the heart, I know they are connected; but the essence of touch, it stays only when you feel it, and then it goes away. POOF!
One can only master the art of controlling humans with touch, if it is practised regularly. That doesn’t happen with him, I try and even he tries but it doesn’t happen… it never will, and I am glad about it. Should I be glad? Yes, I wouldn’t own his soul if I lure him that way; anyways I don’t want to own him or his thoughts, I just want a castle for myself in his imaginary world; that’d be all for me. He is still talking over the phone, but I am not listening. I like his voice but I am not listening, I am envisaging a world I want for myself, with him, that is. He is telling me about the intensity of his feelings for me. How intense are they? Can they move my heart, can they make me cry? No, they can’t because his feelings aren’t intense enough. Mine are, and my feelings; well let’s not talk about them now, it’d take me a lifetime to express it to him.
People are like the wind, I am the silent and calm winds and he is the tide. The minute things, even when he ignores me, that pinches and he, well it wouldn’t occur to him if I slept with his best friend. That was his love for me, pretty awesome fuck, I tell you. Now, he is whining about her, that she is nothing like me. What did he expect? My clone? Well, even my clone couldn’t caress him like I did. It was going out of the box now; I’d get into his trap and allow him to dismantle my heart, and kick the broken pieces away if I listen to him further. I can’t take it anymore… my heart pushes me to confess my feelings for him, but my mind is steady and smart. I press the disconnect button, and let a silent sigh, then I utter the words… the words that break me pretty often, I Love you.

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