heartbreak, Romantic fiction

The Last Night

“I am afraid to close my eyes, what if I never wake up again,” she said.
“Ssshh! Just go to sleep baby, my love won’t take you away from me,” he replied.
“Samyak, I’m going through my last days. The doc just told yesterday that I could be gone anytime.”
“When medicines don’t work, it’s love that begins to heal you. Didn’t they say the same two months back too but see, you are still here talking to me?”
“Probably, you are right but if in case, I sleep forever tonight I want you to know that we’ll meet in the next birth and stay together forever,” she said as tears welled up her eyes.
“You don’t have to say that baby. Now go to sleep,” he squeezed her hand as he tried to control his emotions.
Together they slept hoping their love would win.
Next morning, they took her lifeless body leaving him alone forever. Destiny won but they didn’t lose either but at times, it’s just the love that unites, not the lovers.


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