Romantic fiction

That Cup of Coffee

“Would you like to chat over a cup of coffee?” I asked my first crush. Since the day I fell for her, I could never gather the courage to ask her out but today, I had to. It was our last day at school and in a matter of two days, I’d be going away from Mussorie forever. She was a local resident but I had to go back to Mumbai, that was where home was. Dad wanted me back with him.
“May be some other time, I have to go,” she replied.
I wanted to explain out to her that I’d never get to meet her again. I wanted to tell her how much I pined for her, I wanted to express her my love, shouldn’t she know I had fallen for her six years back?
“Okay, bye! It was nice having you as a company. Hope we stay connected after school too,” I said. I didn’t have to say this. I should have told her but damn, I just couldn’t utter those words.
She left and I kept standing there for long, as if my legs had frozen.
Six years later, I was sitting at Barista at Andheri trying to get myself away from files and meetings when my eyes met a beautiful girl sitting next to my table. I knew her, she resembled someone.
Before I could get my brains thinking, she came running to me.
“Armaan, how are you? Long time. Remember me? Aisha from Mussorie,” she said, all in one tone, she was excited I could tell.
I had finally got a chance to chat with her over cups of coffee. May be, this time was meant to be ‘our some other time’. May be, this time I could tell what I couldn’t in the past twelve years.


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