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That Man

I had never seen a man like him before. After all that happened to me, I started finding peace in talking to him. Although in the beginning, he knew nothing about me we’d talk, for hours together, mainly discussing his problems, his girl, not much about my life but even then, it was good to have someone to talk to. It was a lot better than brooding over the break-up I had just had, it was a lot better than to think about being used by people, it was better, a lot better than what those ugly thoughts brought me. All this was better than the pain I was suffering since the past few months. Our major part of conversation and cause of concern during those days happened to be her. She was his love, his first love and I knew how special she was for him. He somehow had this gut feeling that she was going away from him, he knew that she was with her for sake of being in a relationship but her heart wasn’t into it.
I was confused and helpless all the time at that time. Every day, in the evening, all he’d talk about was she. And then, one day, out of the blue, he told me that wanted me, not her. I was shocked. That was a tough time for me. While there were men who had betrayed me earlier and played with my feelings, this man wanted to be with me even after being hundreds of kilometres away from me. This was extremely confusing for me, how could he love two people at the same time. He himself didn’t know what was happening but I stayed on with him, still unsure of what I was doing. After some months of uneasiness and hope, he and she were over. I was at peace now, I was the only girl in his life.
For two years I stayed with him, listening to everything he said, agreeing to everything he said, taking in his possessiveness, forgoing my own desires for him, not certain things just because he didn’t find them right until I lost the strength. I had become his slave at one point of time, he’d abuse me like anything, he’d fuck me for hours together but I didn’t say anything thinking we were meant to be. I stopped talking to all my male friends simply because he didn’t like it. And even after that, I was blamed for infidelity. All this killed me from inside and then one fine day, I slept with my best friend. Later on fell for him even but we let it go because he was the man I had always been with.
He came to know about my deed and left no stone unturned to make me feel like a slut. He blamed me non-stop, it was my mistake after all. I was the one who had cheated on him but he forgot that it was he who had made me do all of it. Even after all this, he didn’t let me go. He wanted to have me and I stayed on. In one year’s time, I thought things had finally taken better shape until he started behaving erratically. His phone was always on wait and when it wasn’t, it went unnoticed.
And then one fine day, we broke up again blaming me for the cause. Six months after my breakup, I get to know he had told about me cheating on him with some girl and got into a relationship with her along with me. May be, he tried the same technique he had applied with me. Now he was with the new girl, wooing her like he did for me, may be he was fucking her, fooling around with her, showing her much he loved her which makes him get physical with her, telling her that his love for her makes him go possessive for her, sucking out the life out of her. He’d do the same thing with her too, just the way he did with me and finally, when she’ll raise voice, he’ll blame her for everything and then they will separate and the decision would definitely be taken by her, again he would be getting out of relationship without any blots and crimes. He was indeed a different person, not because he did things the weird way but because he made me emotionless like never before.


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