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Let there be Love

“Rush, the cab is here,” he called out from the hall.
“Yes! Give me a minute,” she replied collecting her laptop, charger, data cable, headphones and stuffing them into her bag.

This was an everyday story for them. He’d wake up early every morning while she slept off till he got ready for the day. They’d always been different, he was a morning person and she was one to wake up all night. He liked tea, she coffee. He liked rap, she EDM. He was a hardcore science lover, she a literary buff. But the differences somehow complimented their bond, perhaps because of the emotional connect, they were similar on the emotional level, hard from outside, soft from inside.

“Lunch, coffee and medicines, here,” he said as he came from the hall towards the room where he saw her applying kohl.
“Thanks! You are a life saver,” she replied as she kept on moving the kohl pencil on her waterline.

No reply came. She knew he was looking at her. Two years and nothing had changed. She put on a bindi and then looked at him. They smiled through the silence and hugged each other just like every day before heading out for work.

Love indeed came in the small little things of life. For him, it was letting her sleep for an extra hour or two. For her, it was writing down those sweet gestures by him.

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