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Us before everything Else

‘Hey!’ beeped my phone but I wasn’t ready to reply to the message. I had been pretty pissed off with him for not being able to take time out for me. I had been looking forward to our trip together but it only seemed like a far far dream these days. My only connection with him over the past two weeks had been the morning cup of tea. We were running out of time. This wasn’t what we had enrolled for!
Hadn’t we promised that jobs, career, studies, courses, colleagues, friends, daily chores, nothing would take over our time together? But here I was – living in a moment where our priorities had managed to take a U turn. We were loaded with work throughout the day. And evenings. They were the most dreaded ones. I’d be too tired by the time I’d reach home. I would have little energy to make myself dinner. Sometimes he’d order for me and at times, I’d just cook something light to fill my stomach. But this wasn’t exactly working out for us. I’d patiently wait for his call but then he was either too exhausted that I’d feel guilty to make him do this or I’d fall asleep waiting for him.
I was getting sick of all this. It was eating me up from inside. I had started to feel hollow. I tried to immerse myself in work but it did not help. I couldn’t concentrate on my work either. He would keep running in my mind all day. A lot of broken hearts find solace in their work but somehow it is extremely difficult for someone hanging around in this tensed situation. You don’t know what lies ahead. Anything can happen. You can either fall off the bridge or be rescued. In such condition, nothing you do works in your favour. Friends become your support system but not always. When your relationship has come such a long way, friends only come out with things such as ‘It’s gonna pass away’ or ‘It is just another rough time, keep calm!’ but how do you keep calm?
How do you tell someone that your insides are on fire? Something is slowly and gradually eating you up, sucking the life of you and you can not do anything about it except suffering in chaos (not silence). It is never silent. The chaos in your head is so strong that it overpowers every other sound around you. That is how I felt! Every minute. Every second. It hurt at the places I did not even know existed. I was just too frustrated with everything around. What was love bringing me to!
Back to my world, I decided to not reply to his ‘Hey!’ It will only make me sad, this was definitely not the right time to reply (read explode). I did not want to explode because, in the end, he was the man I really loved. He was the man I chose over everyone else. He was the man I wanted to spend all my life with. Perhaps, I just wasn’t living in the right times. Perhaps I was going through some low moments. Perhaps the stars were not in my favour.
‘Hey! What’s the status of the creative we need to send by EOD?’ I asked my colleague and went ahead with my work.
I was immersed in my work when suddenly, my eyes got stuck on that guy in the cabin just across my desk. He was writing something on the whiteboard, perhaps some code. It did not take me a second to realize it was ‘him’. What was he trying to do here? At my workplace? I was shell shocked. He noticed me and simply smiled. I just nodded my head and gave him an expression that wanted explanation. He just looked at me with mischievous eyes.  I stood as clueless as I was five minutes ago.
I quietly sat on my seat and texted him to explain out his presence at my work. I kept on tapping my nails on the desk and fiddling with stuff around until a team mate noticed. I just sat straight trying to keep calm. After an hour that seemed like ages, he came out.
‘Hey Gia! How have you been? It’s such been long since we connected!” he shouted out loud and shook hands with me.
Dramatic. It wouldn’t take minutes for anyone to know the truth. His pictures were all over my Instagram.
I raised my eyebrows but replied in order to keep up with his act.
Once out, I started off with my queries.
“What are you doing here?”
“You still don’t know why I am here. I know we have been too busy to keep up with each other’s day-to-day events and I know I am to be blamed for this. I have been harsh on you. Believe me, I never wanted to hurt you but I was left with no choice. However, in this rat race, I realized I was losing the most important person in my life. I promised you that nothing else in this world would ever be kept over you. Somehow my work tried to play tricks and then I decided that it was time to say goodbye to it.”
“What?” I asked him shockingly. “Are you planning to resign?”
“I already have,” he smiled.
I panicked, “Are you crazy? What are you going to do?”
“Relax! I have resigned to join your office. Now onwards, we work at the same place, we will come together and leave together. I can spend as much time as I want to with you without any hassles,” he kept on smiling.

I could not control myself and smiled through the tears rolling down my eyes. I was truly blessed. I had made the right choice. He was the only man I wanted to be with. We hugged each other and all troubles were gone in that hug.
Relationships/Marriages are not easy but love surpasses everything. Don’t let that special person of your life go!


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    Tarang Sinha

    November 21, 2016

    Nice story, very well crafted. Relationships are delicate, you have to be very patient and careful.

    You are a beautiful storyteller. 🙂

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    Harshita Srivastava

    November 22, 2016

    Thank you 🙂 Means so much to me!

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