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Those Little Things

A long weekend is here and everyone has already made plans. Someone is going out for a nice trip, someone’s going home, and those who aren’t, they have their own set of plans. But what about us? What are we going to do? I am sure I am going to watch a lot of Instagram and Snapchat updates, all of which would be about drinking, partying, travelling, and what not! I will have to get used to swiping through ‘Mood’, ‘Yass’, and ‘Sunday Done Right’ kinda posts. But does all of it really matter if you have the best company around?

Would you rather sleep in a little extra with your beloved or wake up early in the morning to catch that train/flight/bus?

Would you rather enjoy a big fat homemade (or ordered for the lazy bums) breakfast with your partner/favourite person or look for a meal in an unknown city?

Would you rather re-watch a movie with your kids or walk in the middle of nowhere?

Would you rather go for a hair spa/pedicure/couple spa or tire yourself out with all the travelling?

Would you rather enjoy reading your favourite book with coffee/red wine or answer those awkward questions asked at every visit home?

It’s mostly a game of preferences. Some people love being out, some people like staying in. Some people like going back to their folks while some people like being just alone, by themselves.

So even if you have no plans chalked out now, but you do have someone who makes your life beautiful, stop being cranky. Sometimes the presence of your beloved makes the ride joyful whether or not you are travelling. Even if you can not travel, you can always explore something new about your relationship, your life, your interests, etc.!

So just enjoy the weekend as is. Acknowledge the fact that this weekend is giving you an extra day to spend with your partner, something that is not easily available during our hectic schedule. Not sure if that’d be ‘instagrammable’, but it is definitely going to be one those days you’d think about when you’re loaded with work.

Happy long weekend 🙂


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