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3 ways you may be worsening your relationship even without realizing

The crux of a successful relationship lies in understanding your partner. Today, relationship problems have acquired larger dimension in the social and personal lives of people. Certain subconscious habits often frustrate your partner, and your relationship comes under stress without your knowledge. The best way to keep a check on relationship issues to cultivate self-awareness. Even when you deal with your co-workers, your relationship may suffer a strain. Read on to know three areas where you might be damaging your relationships without knowing.

Providing feedback without seeking permission


Well, you might notice that in your subconscious mind, you might be providing feedback when you are not asked for. Such an approach is often viewed as the interference with one’s individuality. In case of personal relationships, you may be providing the feedback for a good cause. Do you note whether the other person is in the right state of mind to judge your action? Everyone has an individual liberty to act, so make sure you seek your partner’s permission before putting forward your feedback. Alternatively, create a situation where the other person will come to you for your opinion.

Ignoring your partner’s feelings


Fluctuating emotions often lead people to ignore their partner’s feelings when they need them the most.  Stress and frustration may cause you to think that the closest person doesn’t understand you. You should take care to understand the mental state of your partner. Often, people ignore their feelings and try to justify their own point. You should respect the feelings of your partner by simply listening to what they say. Whether it is logical or not, your role should be to reduce the stress level by being a listener. Ask your partner about the feelings and wait for the right time to put forward your feedback. On relaxation, your partner may approach you for your advice.

Failure to provide any feedback


One of the most common problems in relationships is the failure to offer any feedback. This happens particularly when your partner approaches you for your opinion. You may reply that you don’t know or are simply not interested. Remember, it is a rude response which damages your relationship. You may try to appear neutral and flexible, but that does not justify the point. Take time and understand the concern. Even if you are not able to solve the issue, guide your partner to approach the problem from a different angle.

You must have realized that relationship problems and solutions should be dealt with care. A slight miscalculation may result in repentance in the long run. Manage your urges and emotions in a better way to assure a long-lasting and healthy relationship.






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